Limited Editions

All our designs are created by us, for you!  And for the first 50 people who purchase any of our tees, you'll see the words 'I'm An Animal' etched into the shirt.  So if you are one of the first 50 people to order a design, then by all means, we consider you to be 'An Animal' !!!

If you miss the early bird purchase, then the next 200 tees will feature 'You're An Animal' etched into the design.  That's because we know that you are still an animal deep down and deserve to be recognized for your quick animalistic speed.

But fear not, should the sloth, snail or turtle energy be strong within you and you miss the boat with the first 250 tees sold, then, don't worry, 'We Are All Animals' and you are part of our flock.  

So if you want a collectors item limited edition, get in first, get in fast and proudly prance around with 'I'm An Animal' etched on your chest.