Washing Instructions

When washing it's good form to

1.  Turn your tee inside out. This will help keep them looking sharp for so much longer.

2.  Use mild detergents, and a gentle wash.  Putting it through the ringer won't make it happy.

3.  Cool is... well Cool.  So cooler wash at 30C or 90F will do

4.  That goes for the tumble dryer too - keep the heat low.

5.  While spinning sounds like fun, keep that for the gym, your shirt will be grateful.

6.  Air drying is great, but if the dryer is needed, be kind and leave the jeans behind.  

7.  If ironing, start slow and low and make sure your shirt is inside out.  Prints don't like being cooked!

That should do the trick and now all you have to do is... Wear it like the animal you are!